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Rynone Engineering, Inc. provides technical document writing and support for a wide range of professional projects including User and Repair Manuals for all types of mechanical, technical, scientific, and electronics devices and applications. REI also handles Patent Disclosures, related documents, and all manner of professional presentations. In all cases, REI provides a technical description of equipment and procedures with a clarity and precision geared toward your target audience, rendering the finished document both accurate (error free) and user-friendly.

William Rynone, Ph.D., P.E., of Rynone Engineering, Inc., has an extensive background in Electrical Engineering and Physics, and he is familiar with all branches of science including Medicine, Physics, and Astronomy. Dr. Rynone has published 50 articles on Engineering and Aviation in various trade journals, and he has published the 600-page Electrical Engineering college textbook, Linear Active Circuits -- Design and Analysis.

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Technical Literature / Marketing / Publication Support

  • Data sheet and sales literature development including research, presentation writing, photography and printing
  • Preparation of Owner's, Operations, Repairs and Parts Manuals
  • Editing for professional presentations
  • Preparation from working models or outlines
  • Review of technical accuracy
  • Search and compilation of technical data
  • Data Analysis
  • Preparation of document covers
  • Development of supporting drawings and / or photograph presentations
  • Advertising and promotional material development including research, writing, photography, layout, etc
  • Press release in principal technical trade journals
  • Advertising or market evaluation
  • REI has years of proven performance in increasing client sales through low cost, high quality professional services.

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